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(CA) Antecedents i seguiment Tenerife-La Gomera

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Power Breathe

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Oxígeno magazine

To coincide with the event that Costa Brava held in Madrid last June to promote the Active Nature Club, the Oxígeno magazine made ​​this article I want to share with you all. Hope you like it!

Revista Oxígeno (2)

Interview in “Matins de TV3″

Here you have the link to watch the interview on the morning more viewed Catalan television programme! Els Matins de TV3. Hope you like it. http://www.tv3.cat/videos/4693171/Miquel-Suner-a-Els-Matins-de-TV3ç1379648_10151978738314575_391483810_n

Magazine That’s Life!

Very grateful to the whole team of the magazine That ‘s Life for this great article. Thanks to Boris Izaguirre for listening and for believing in me from the start. Also thank to Ramon and Jaume, to gamble for me as an ambassador of Costa Brava. That is life!

Articulo That’s Life Miquel Suñer

Good headline!

Thanks to the Alt Emporda newspaper for being so brave with this headline and especially to be so rigorous synthesizing everything I said. Congratulations! Good job!


How to follow the swim Roses – Port de la Selva (32Km)

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Recent media appearances

For those who have not seen it, read it or listen to it, here are the interviews and media appearances in the first two months of summer. Hope you like it!

Report in Oxígeno Magazine: http://www.revistaoxigeno.es/tres-deportes-y-un-destino/

Vanguardia Catala

Vanguardia Castella

Counting down

It had been many days since I wrote on the blog and I think this is a good opportunity to explain some interesting things that perhaps deserve to be named. The “hangover” of the Triple Crown has been present during some months and this is normal. Being three years pursuing a goal and finally get it, sometimes can result news scenarios and you must find your way again and reconnect with your real wishes. All this is necessary and very good to face the future with strength and courage, conviction and commitment. During this meditative period I have never stopped training, well, I have done  it without a goal, only with the idea of ​​keeping myself in a good phisical conditions and trying to enjoy every stroke. But since early May I already trainnig focused in my new challenge that it will take place in late August and we still can not make public. I’m also working hard with sponsors, media agencies… all this other part of challenge is almost as important as everyday training. In short, I’m up, I feel good, with forces and especially motivated and excited. The rest …The Ocean will tell us, because in deep is who will have the last word. Also I am very excited to show you the poster of the Trainning Camp that Link Sports Company has organized next June. I already advance you now that will not be a conventional one… See you soon!

 Linksports Cartell Miquel Suñer DEFINITIU

Endesa compromise

I want to share with you the video that was made by Endesa ​​on the occasion of Endesa Compromise 2012. It was exciting to attend the gala last December 21. I hope you like it.

Beginning the new year with energy!

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I landed in Cape Town a little over than two weeks ago and I almost dare say I have not stopped even for a moment … This place is so absolutely unique that I have totally abducted to… The key is to try to balance it all! Learning English (my main goal), visit this […]

Why Cape Town?

“Why?” It is a question that must often be asked to advance the evolution of life … Sometimes we meditate a lot on our decisions and they eventually end up being the result of chance or circumstance … Anyway my first days in Cape Town have allowed me to place myself here and […]

Ocean’s Explorer

Very happy about the result of the last video we made with Films Nomades. I like the way how we have communicated my swimming philosophy and especially the way I feel connected to the ocean. I leave you an email I received from one of the best international open water long distance bloggers  in the world. […]

Interview in GEIEG magazine’s

Very glad that my club where I have spent all my lifetime as sportman, had dedicated the main Interview in its September bulletin to the Triple Crown achieving. The GEiEG, apart from being the club where I trained as a swimmer during all my life, is a sport organization widely recognized in Girona with over 90 […]

Living the ocean from another perspective…

Again I have been surprised by the beautiful landscape of northern Costa Brava . Surrounding the Natural Park of Cap de Creus by kayak for two days has allowed me to enjoy of this great environment from a different perspective. There is nothing I like more than to know, admire and discover natural spots […]

Il Tonno Rosso!

Do you understand Italian? The truth is that I do not have no idea … But thanks to Google Translate I have understood this article posted on the Enel intranet in motive of the International Environment Day . I Hope you like!

(CA) Més felicitacions!

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Thanks Girona!

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